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Webinar: The changing shape of social media and Ecommerce

If you missed our latest webinar about social media and Ecommerce: insights, challenges and opportunities for brands now is the time to watch the replay!

The line between social and commerce is changing. User journeys on both social media and eCommerce platforms are evolving, with each world leaning ever closer to the other. Social media now includes more and more buying and commerce actions, while platforms such Amazon are toying with social features to better engage and retain its customers.

Watch the replay

In this webinar, Marjorie (client partner and hub lead Amazon at Jellyfish) and Shamsul (VP, Paid Social at Jellyfish) will discuss the impact of these changes, plus why CMOs need to take action and include eRetail in their global digital plans.

Webinar Content :

  • The new "commerce" functionnalities on Social media
  • How to connect Amazon with the rest of your digital ecosystem and the new engagement features on Amazon
  • Insights and opportunities for brands and CMOs
Watch the Replay


Webinar: The changing shape of social media and Ecommerce

Julie Cazaux

Marketing Expert & eCommerce enthusiast writing content to help brands better navigate the Amazon ecosystem.

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