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eRetail Media

Maximise your visibility and sales potential on Amazon and beyond. Activate intrinsic traffic & engage with your brand audience.

What is it?

Occupy the Amazon SERP and other sponsored placements with campaigns tailored to your products. Use Amazon DSP to take your strategy a step further and keep your shoppers engaged on and off Amazon.

Why it matters?

Your visibity on Amazon’s search results is key to your shoppers discovering your products amongst thousands of other options. It is essential to follow your shoppers through the purchase funnel, both on and off Amazon, in order to generate more sales and build brand loyalty.It is key to understand the specifities of each media offer in order to build a complete and retail focus media strategy that will get you in front of your competitors!

How we can help?

Our Amazon Advertising experts, with their profound knowledge of the Amazon ecosystem and double competency of paid search and programmatic display ensure your brand the best results by:
  • Selecting the right products to promote on & off Amazon.
  • Optimizing bids and budgets to reach your sales and RoAS objectives while tracking stock & buy-box availabilities.
  • Tracking share of voice and visibility on Amazon with our proprietary Retail Analytics SaaS platform.
  • Analyzing & reporting sales performance.

Technology & Expertise

We work using a unique mix of tech capabilities and eRetail expertise.
  • Data driven and tech supported: Our experts overperformed on delivery thanks to our in-house tech the Seelk Studio "Amazon Analytics Software" with alerts and daily monitoring on share of voice and Ads KPIs.
  • Customised strategy: Our beforehand media audits inform strengths and challenges and advise how your campaigns should be managed vs your competition, innovating on new features formats and disrupting seasonality.
  • Synchronized with Retail: Provide a unique holistic approach with 360 retail comprehension to better adjust and refine ongoing campaigns to ensure retail readiness check.

A dual strategy to gain growth points on Amazon

Discover how Seelk helped Playmobil accelerate its growth on Amazon by understanding retail markers and coordinating trade and merchandising levers.


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