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Boost your conversion rate on Amazon with perfect product pages and brandstores. Increase your discoverability with efficient keywords and creative strategy. Drive performance and brand awareness with creative assets production and optimization.

What is it?

Based on your existing creative assets, we develop an efficient content strategy that matches Amazon standards, best practices and customers interests. Our proven process will quickly lead to the optimization of all your "owned" levers on Amazon by implementing best-in-class content.

Why it matters?

  • In a highly competitive environment, it is essential to display a content that matches Amazon standards and requirements, allows your brand to be easily identifiable, and your products benefits understandable.
  • Your content on Amazon has a high impact on your discoverability and conversion rate.
  • Brands must ease the customer journey and anticipate any questions or challenges they might encounter along the way by adapting and animating their content from the beginning to the end of this journey.

How we help you?

Jellyfish will produce and implement the best content for your Brand:
  • Audit (existing content strategy and category strategy)
  • Content & creative strategy to improve performances
  • Perfect product pages (copywriting, visuals and A+ content)
  • Brandstore creation & animation
  • Content upload and ticketing management with Amazon support
  • Content compliance

A global and uniform brand image on Amazon to generate growth

Discover how SIKA succeeded in developing a homogeneous brand image on different marketplaces and saw its growth increase significantly thanks to new product pages.


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Insights on the interaction of all levers around the Amazon flywheel to boost conversion & discoverability

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