Tailored end-to-end solutions

We act as business owners for your Marketplace business.

Cost effective

We get paid based on what we deliver. Our profit comes from exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Ressources optimization

We have formed and developed a team of e-commerce and technology experts ready to deploy ambitious plans.

Fast ramp-up

We operate on multi-Marketplaces in Europe and handle everything from marketing campaigns to logistics

Marketplace model

We technically connect you to the leading B2C online marketplaces. Then, we do what it takes to operate and grow your sales fast. As your internal team would.

Wholesale model

We act as a sales agent for your brand to grow your sales with pure player online retailers. We care for commercial negotiations, merchandising, logistics and whatever is needed for success. As your internal team would.

What we do

Business Intelligence

  • Account setup
  • Order Processing
  • Stock-update
  • Pricing management

Systems integration

  • Connections to MP
  • Auto-Categorization

Catalogue Management

  • Adwords campaigns
  • Feedbacks management
  • Marketpalce’s marketing programs
  • Deals & Promotions

Store Management

  • Marketplace logistics
  • Order preparation
  • Fast delivery
  • Returns management
  • Label and stickering

Logistic Piloting

  • Multilingual service
  • Pre-sales queries
  • After sales service
  • Fraud & complaints

A&P Campaigns

  • Business analytics
  • Weekly Business Reviews
  • Roadmap follow update
  • Accounting documents

Customer Service

  • Multilingual Service
  • Pre-sales queries
  • After sales Service
  • Fraud & Complaints


  • Business analytics
  • Weekly business reviews
  • Roadmap follow-update
  • Accounting documents

Business intelligence

Our team of experts will liaise and negotiate with the most relevant online retailers and pure players to ensure you the best deal.  At Seelk, we build strong strategies to maximize your online sales where it matters. We have a keen eye for new sales opportunities and select the most relevant products to sell on each marketplace at the right price.

Systems integration

Seelk’s developers have developped powerful and exclusive tools to facilitate management of Marketplaces.Seelk prevents you from the complexity of integrating each marketplace into your system. Our software and tools are SaaS based and regularly updated to add new functionality and provide your dedicated Brand Manager with the most efficient functionnalities to grow your brand online.

Catalogue Management

Your page store plays a critical role in how users discover your products. We create and optimize them for you (title, description, keywords, pictures, localization, variants, review management) to match Marketplaces guidelines and ensure visibility on top search results and maximum conversions.

Store Management

We manage supply and stock efficiently and economically to ensure uninterrupted supply without delay, prevent overstocking and understocking, minimize the cost of storage etc. We also work closely with marketplace’s and partner warehouses to ensure a smooth delivery in the timeframe expected.

Logistic Piloting

Our team integrates all necessary logistical solutions to maximize the availability of your stocks on any given platform, whether it is your warehouse and transport, Marketplace’s logistical solutions, or our international partner providers.

Advertising & Promotion Campaigns

Our experts continuously analyze your performance and launch marketing operations when needed to boost your sales and attract new consumers. We know the specificities of all marketplaces, allowing us to choose the best solutions for you (SEO, SEM, deals & promotions, marketing programs, review management etc.)

Customer Service

We operate your customer service on 7 langues within 24 hours. Our customer service helps us build trust, brand awareness and get insightful reviews and about your products. Each Marketplace has their own CX guidelines Sellers must comply with at the risk of being suspended or banned. We make sure your business never gets jeopardize


We operate real-time analytics to turn data into actionable insights. We commit ourselves to deliver you a business review every week and of course, to dig into specific requests that you may have.