Unlock your full DTC potential to become an end-to-end brand

Amazon's unprecedented rise has shapped the future of online retail.
At Seelk, we have developed a one-stop-shop solution to grow your Amazon marketplace business where it matters most.

Inbound/Outbound Logistics

Streamline and ease logistics with Seelk's Distribution 3PL Expertise. From your warehousse to final customers, we take care of everything.

Pricing Management

We actively pilot pricing and implement dedicated promotions to optimize growth and margin.

Inventory Management

Our data scientist team develops custom demand planning and replenishment models to maximize product availability.

B2C billing

As your distribution partner, we operate the entire billing, payment and reimbursement process from you to your customers.

Customer Service

We foster customer loyalty by offering 1:1 and customized client services from feedback management to returns and reimbursement.

Play the Amazon game &
get the most out of Online retail

Streamline your DTC operations and take control of your distribution.

Control prices and optimize margins

Our DTC approach gives you full control of your pricing to take back crucial margins from middlemen

Develop your brand equity

For consumers: authenticity, immediacy and customized relationship, are the norm. Shift your customer loyalty back to your brands by offering a 1:1 experience

Foster product innovation

Connect with innovation roots: Consumer feedback and facilitate customers interactions and feedbacks to lead your market innovation cycle 

Power your online activities with an end-to-end
& Direct-to-Consumer solutions on Amazon

At Seelk, we have developed a one-stop-shop full-service solution to build and grow your DTC Marketplace business on Amazon. Seelk Distribution offers you the possibility to take full control of your Amazon business with a 360° solution to launch your marketplace activity on Amazon.



How It Works

We've created a simple solution to handle your distribution with Amazon.

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From €5k per month with
5% of monthly sales as flat fee