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Virtual Bundles for Sellers FBA: What does it mean?

It is now possible for Amazon FBA Sellers located in the US to create virtual bundles.
This functionality is available in beta testing for now, our client strategists are already using it with some selected clients located in the US. Here is what we learned on Virtual Bundles and the impact for Sellers.

Virtual vs hard bundles

The idea behind virtual bundles is to be able for a seller to sell together 2 different products. For example 1 toothbrush adult and 1 toothbrush kid.

Using the Amazon Seller interface, you can now easily create a virtual ASIN with the 2 products that pair well together (information available in brand analytics). Amazon will then ship the products together or in 2 separate boxes if the products are located in different warehouses.

As a reminder, before being able to create virtual bundles, Sellers had to create hard bundles. Hard bundle means pairing two products altogether in a single wrap with a distinct and unique EAN code, which implies extra cost from supply team or 3PL. We can easily see the significant impact virtual bundles will have on Sellers’ P&L.

Virtual bundles: pros and cons

To sum up, virtual bundles are great news for Sellers, and we hope this functionality will soon be available for everyone.

● It will be much easier and less costly for sellers to manage bundles at a logistic level as Amazon will take charge of the bundling.
● The set up will also be easier. As there is no need to create new EAN and ASIN there is no administrative process. A seller can create its virtual bundles with a specific contents and A+ pages in a few clicks from the Seller Center.
● This functionality allows to easily test new offers on the market.

But before getting starting, it is also important to keep in mind that:

Pricing liberty is reduced as there is a maximum price limit set by amazon for each virtual bundle (Price max for virtual bundle = Price A + Price B)
You cannot make a virtual bundle with the same ASIN - for instance to create size packs -  which is possible when creating a hard bundle. So sellers will not be able to use this functionality to gain economies of scale on shippings charged by Amazon per unit.  

To conclude we suggest to always check the report market basket analysis available in brand analytics before creating any virtual or hard bundle so you are sure of the potential success of your bundle.

Then think about including virtual bundles in your new product launch strategies. Virtual bundles will allow you to multiply your offer without the burden of creating new EAN and ASIN.

Virtual Bundles for Sellers FBA: What does it mean?

Jérémie Hemmert

Graduated from Business School and Centrale Paris, Jérémie has a consulting background and is an Amazon & eCommerce expert, passionate about building effective strategies for brands and business.

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