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Playmobil: A dual strategy to gain 25 growth points on Amazon

Discover the success story of the Playmobil company.

The company

  • One of the most fantastic and recognized toy brands in the world
  • Exports to more than 100 countries

Situation & Objectives

  • Long time established Vendor on Amazon
  • Have been facing slowdown in growth in the past years due to:
    - a more intense competition in the category, specially on heir branded keywords
    - recurring CRaP (Can’t Realize a Profit) issues on some products
  • Neglected SEO fundamentals due to lack of internal resources and expertise


  • Instability of Retail indicators (CRaP, out of stocks, high costs ...)
  • Strict guidelines of the Playmobil brandbook
  • Strong seasonality of the Toy category

Action Plan

  • Creation of a brand identity: creation of a Brandstore, A+ content for each product lines, enhanced visuals
  • SEO optimization: identification of keywords and qualification of back-end keywords

  • Building a Sponsored Ads action plan oriented towards brand protection
  • Weekly trade-off recommendations on product assortment thanks to Retail-Media data analysis
Playmobil Content & Advertising on Amazon


  • Amazon has become a showcasing platform for Playmobil thanks to best-in-class merchandising.
  • Increase in RoAS between 10 and 15% on Ads campaigns
  • +25% YoY PCoGs
  • 37% average share of voice with peaks at 90%.
  • +16% of advertising expenses generated +248% of sales generated by Ads. (Comparison July/August 2019 vs 2020)
The results are impressive and that goes way beyond the numbers. The work done by the team on the fundamentals, on the quality of the product pages is fantastic - Erick Billiemaz, Directeur Commercial @Playmobil

Playmobil: A dual strategy to gain 25 growth points on Amazon

Julie Cazaux

Marketing Expert & eCommerce enthusiast writing content to help brands better navigate the Amazon ecosystem.

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