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Retail intelligence at the service of media acquisition

Discover how BIC managed to generate more growth on Amazon without increasing its marketing dependency.

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BIC is a world-renowned company that designs stationery products, shavers, and lighters.
In 2019: 31 million BIC products were sold per day!


  • Generate more growth on Amazon while ensuring that the marketing investment weight remains contained to avoid too much marketing dependency.
  • Limit cannibalization between sponsored and non-sponsored products.
  • Make better use of Amazon's marketing tools to promote BIC products to new, potentially interested, customers.
BIC on Amazon


A combined analysis of retail data and media performance to generate growth.

  • Analysis of organic and sponsored sales to better direct advertising campaigns and have less cannibalization.
  • Creation of DSP campaigns to promote highlight strategic products
    > For example, innovative products that do not yet have a lot of visibility and are not searched by potential users. The objective is to generate awareness and traffic.
    > In highly competitive product categories. When the Amazon search page is completely monopolized by competing brands, a DSP campaign can direct traffic directly to a strategic product page. This avoids the search page step where the brand is less visible.

Seelk Studio was key in the implementation of those strategies, to visualize data and make the right decisions

Seelk Studio


  • On the disposable razor campaigns: consumers visited promoted ASINs 137% more often and placed orders 209% more often.
  • On temporary tattoo pen campaigns: consumers visited promoted pages 115% more often and placed orders 51% more often.
  • Overall we observed a decrease in CPCs due to continuous optimizations.
  • DSP ads generated more clicks with less budget.
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Retail intelligence at the service of media acquisition

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Marketing Expert & eCommerce enthusiast writing content to help brands better navigate the Amazon ecosystem.

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