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Prime Day 2021 - Are you ready?

Prime day is just around the corner, are you ready to make the most out of this unmissable event?

According to eMarketer, global sales during Prime Day 2020 (remember it was in october) were estimated at 10 billions. No pressure but this year we should probably get another record breaking Prime Day, all clues lead to think it will happen at the end of June. Now is the time to make sure your Amazon business is ready for action. Here is the checklist our experts built out to help you get ready :)

Part  1: Before Prime Day

Preparation is everything, a successful Prime Day is a well planned Prime Day.
Make sure you start planning at least 2 to 4 weeks before. The objectives of this period should be to build awareness and consideration to make sure consumers know about your products when the buying frenzy arrives.
Here a some key tips and best practices:

  • Drive new to brand growth using awareness and consideration tactics. We recommend using Sponsored Display campaigns with broad targeting and on lots of ASINs.
  • Use Amazon Attribution to identify how cross channel strategies impact your product consideration and sales. Make sure you know which channel to use to engage your audience and drive traffic to your Amazon product pages when the time comes.
  • Content is king, prepare your assets:
    - Schedule store updates for prime day and leverage featured deal widgets within stores to showcase Prime Day specific deals.
    - Prepare dedicated sponsored brand campaigns that redirect to the deals page on your brand store to launch on Prime Day.
    - Review all your content materials and take advantage of the latest formats and tools (A+ content, videos, posts…).
    - Videos are key. 84% of consumers say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. Sponsored brand videos usually have higher conversion rates, make sure to test your videos with A/B testing overtime to get it perfectly right when Prime Day comes.

Part 2: During Prime Day

Like any battle, preparation is key but showing up at the right time is essential. During the week of Prime Day it is crucial to be extra focused on your ads and overall Amazon business. Make sure everything is under control and you are not missing out on sales.

  • Use all the tools at your disposal to gain awareness and create bargain discounts. You have numerous options, we recommend to use them all if possible: Amazon deals, coupons and Prime Day promotions.
  • Adapt your advertising campaigns and budget. Right before and during prime day, cost per click will probably skyrocket, make sure all your advertising actions are efficient and successful.
    We recommend to focus on your best performing product and even to turn off low performing campaigns to allocate more budget on what is really working. If you manage to get some extra advertising budget now is the time to use it.
    During the Prime Day week you should only focus on your top products and campaigns, this is not the time to be extra creative and try new out of the blue keywords. Focus is KEY.
  • Use sponsored display campaigns to generate sales. Before Prime Day we were building awareness and consideration campaigns, during Prime Day all your campaigns should lead to conversions.
  • Tell the world: Promote your Prime Day campaign on external channels: use Amazon Attribution, influencers, advertising... If you previously used Amazon Attribution you should already know which channel might drive the more conversions 😉

Part 3: After Prime Day

The Prime Day battle may be over but the war to get more market shares on Amazon continues. Don’t waste your past efforts and make sure you're building your business for the long run. Follow up actions after Prime Day are essentials to establish real connections with your consumers. Here are our final pieces of advice:

  • Stay in touch: manage your reviews (especially the negative ones) as they will directly impact your future visibility.
  • Re-engage your audience. You probably did a lot of sales during Prime Day, why stop there? Get additional sales running remarketing campaigns using the halo effect.
  • Convert them all. You probably did not get a 100% conversion rate on your product page (if you did please call me). But Prime Day is not the only day to sell, use remarketing campaigns to address all the consumers who have viewed your product page but did not buy it.

Want some help on getting ready? Contact us 😊

Prime Day 2021 - Are you ready?

Julie Cazaux

Marketing Expert & eCommerce enthusiast writing content to help brands better navigate the Amazon ecosystem.

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