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October 2018 Seelk Studio Updates: Tracking, Keywords and Attributes Management

Seelk Studio is an e-commerce SaaS dedicated to Amazon. Currently in development, our beta-release is limited to internal use.

If you are interested in demoing our software, please visit our website.


We’ve released several major updates to Seelk Studio which are encouraging steps towards our public release.

We’ve added three new apps (currently in beta testing): Tracking, Keywords and Attributes Management. More details on both are available below.

Two of our flagship apps, Catalog and Business Intelligence, have had significant overhauls in term of data management, functionality and user experience. Best news of all, is that Business Intelligence now properly manages both Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor accounts.

Most notably, we’ve implemented a new filtering feature, which allows users to dynamically build filters, save them as .json files and reupload them into the filters app when needed. The filter system will eventually be applied across all apps in Seelk Studio.

For now, filters are fully functional on our Catalog app : they are applied to content even as you switch between sub-sections of the app.

A semi-complete version of filters is also applied to our Business Intelligence app, where you are able to filter by Attributes and Country.

User can now manage the frequency at which their Amazon listings are updated in Seelk Studio with our new Tracking sub-section currently located in the Catalog app. User can set either Never, Daily, Every 2 Days, Weekly, Monthly or High frequency for the tracking of not only of their Amazon products, but also organic keywords and competitors products inside their Amazon categories.

Users with access to multiple client accounts now have a powerful client-selector view that allows them to see the global sales data (Total Sales and Units Sold) before selecting the client account.

We’ve also made major updates to the user interface — a combination of styling, the new filter component and restructured navigation, gives user greater space, clarity and unity experience.

Keep reading for more details about the latest enhancements!


New features and enhancements

  • Dynamic filter implementation — Filters can be built, saved (as .json) and reuploaded. Filters stay applied across all sub-sections of the Catalog app (products, compliance, tracking and scores).
New Filters Bar

New UI for individual product view.

Seelk Studio - Product view
New Product Details display


New features and enhancements

  • Product Display Ads marketing metrics are now integrated
  • Spends by Campaign and Sales by Campaigns components added to Overview sub-section which give you a breakdown for your advertising expenditures and returns for Sponsored Products (SP), Product Display Ads (PDA) and Headline Search Ads (HSA).
  • ROAS by Campaigns component now gives you a breakdown for SP, PDA and HSA
  • The metrics tables can be viewed at the full viewport of your browser window
  • Export data to Excel is now enabled in the metrics table
  • New date range comparison picker has been implemented. This includes a better user experience when selecting the TO and FROM periods, as well as an Apply button to confirm your selection.

Business Intelligence

New features and enhancements

  • Historical data imports for both Vendor and Seller modes are now available
  • Seller Mode now includes 8 main metrics: Sales, Shipping Costs, Totals Sales, Units, Orders, Average Units per Order and Average Basket
  • Each of the main metrics are viewable in their individual components
  • Last Week and Weekly averages for major metrics have been implemented across each of the main components
  • Data exports now functional for Seller Model and provides individual sheets for:
  1. Summary — Aggregated data for the selected time period
  2. Raw Data — An individual breakdown of the Product Orders
  3. Grouped Filtered Data — A representation of what is shown in the data table
  4. Best Sellers
  • The metrics tables can be viewed at the full viewport of your browser window
  • Columns for Inbound and Outbound in the data table are now colored for better distinction
Seelk Studio Dashboards
Dashboard with the main KPIs
Seelk Studio Dashboards Sales
Dashboard with sales/units table

Tracking [new!]

  • Set tracking frequency for offers (individual ASINs), categories and organic keywords (paid keywords are tracked automatically and daily if users have connected Seelk Studio to their Amazon Marketing account)
  • Set tracking frequency for all elements to: Never, Daily, Every 2 Days, Weekly, Monthly and High frequency

Keywords [new!]

Keywords app allows users to see the frequency and distribution at which their products appear in the search results when a specific ‘search term’ (i.e. Keyword) is searched on Amazon. At a quick glance, users are able to see what “share of voice” their products have per Amazon search term. This is organized into two main elements: paid keywords (i.e. the keywords with which you compete on Amazon Marketing) and organic keywords (keywords which you have included in your product’s content).

  • There are four main metrics:
  • Organic Keywords
  • Paid Keywords
  • Organic Visibility
  • Paid Visibility
  • Chart that visualises the progression of Paid Visibility and Organic Visibility over the default period (we’re aiming to have custom periods implemented for the next version of this app). Ability to display the frequency of data based on ‘weeks, ‘ months’ and ‘days’.
  • In the table, users are able to see the following Metrics per Keyword, Category (Amazon) and Brands:
  • # of keywords
  • Overall Visibility Score
  • Organic Visibility
  • Paid Visibility
  • Ads. Pg.1
  • # Products,
  • Distribution
  • Competitors by Keywords
  • Page distribution (# of products on pages 1 to 7)
  • In the table view, Custom Attributes have the following metrics:
  • # of keywords
  • # of products
  • Page distribution (# of products on pages 1 to 7)

Attributes [new!]

  • Create group(s) for attributes via the interface
  • Add Attributes using excel spreadsheet template which you download and reupload

User Interface

  • New main navigation bar on the left side
  • Dynamic filters
  • Improvement to the unification of interface elements (button, inputs, dropdowns, selectors, tabs, etc. all the same — nearly!)
  • New color scheme that technically facilitates future implementation of colored-based themes!

Upcoming Features (Work in Progress!)

  • Improved Attributes app that allows you to add attributes and link multiple attributes to a single ASIN or a single attribute to multiple ASINs in bulk (i.e. No need for excel — if you’re so inclined!)
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Analysis sub-section for Business Intelligence and Marketing apps
  • Marketing (campaign-level) custom attributes
  • Improved UI — further unification of interface elements, Catalog app minor improvements, Marketing & Business app UI fixes and improvements, improved tables (UI fixes + dynamic column selection).
  • Streamlined interface for onboarding Amazon Sellers
  • Catalog App — easily archive products and add products within the interface

October 2018 Seelk Studio Updates: Tracking, Keywords and Attributes Management

Nathaniel Daudrich

Product Designer at Seelk

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