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November 2019 Updates to Seelk Studio: New Business Intelligence Dashboard, Catalog History, Share of Voice Timeline

We're really excited to announce the release of the new Business Intelligence Dashboard! It is something we have been testing and using internally for a couple of months now and it has really changed the way our teams analyse our clients' Amazon business. There are a ton of new features, both in terms of analysis and visualisation and we're eager for you to adopt them as mainstays in your daily Amazon work.

We've also released two new updates to the Catalog and Competition apps, both adding a visual representation of time to the mix.

๐Ÿ“ˆ New Business Intelligence Dashboard

Seelk Studio's new Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard is loaded with different little features and "modes" for you to pinpoint all your business analysis. Check out the quick video guide on how to use the new BI Dashboard.

A quick guide to your new Seelk Studio Business Intelligence Dashboard

If you want to jump right in, please visit the new Business Intelligence Dashboard.

Enhanced Graph Visualisations

The main graph now offers several new forms of visualisation. Below is a quick summary of all the new features.

Maximizing the timeline graph to full screen
Clicking on the far right button on the graph will maximize the timeline graph displaying your metrics and then minimize.

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software

Toggle data labels

By clicking the "eye" icon you can toggle the data lables which appear as overlays on the graph. This can be useful for getting a quick view of monthly, weekly or even daily sales.

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software

Switching between line and bar chart

By clicking on the small chart icon you can toggle between line and bar chart views. This can be useful for certain metrics such as Sell-In Sales where you might have had zero sales during a specific week or month.

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software

"Show Groups" option

You can click on the the "Show Groups" toggle at the far left of the graph to show your present grouping as separate lines or separate bars depending on the graph type you've selected.

N.B. You can only view 7 values of a group at a time - so if you're viewing a Custom Attribute that has more than 7 values, be sure to add a filter to see only the group values you're looking for.

Selecting and comparing periods

Changing the date range is simple. We've built a customised date picker that allows you to select a period in either days, week, months or even years.

Inside the date picker (located at the top right of the BI Dashboard interface), you can use the tabs at the top to switch between these date picking modes. We've also provided down the left a list of date presets that allow you to quickly select the most commonly use date range periods. You can also compare two periods (we've named them "A" and "B") by simply clicking the "vs" button at the top left of the date picker. You can use the "switch" button to turn Period A into Period B. Once you're done selecting a date range simply click the "Apply" button to refresh the dashboard with the new data.

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software
New Date Picker as part of the new Business Intelligence Dashboard


At Seelk, when analysing business trends we always compare with the previous year. We felt so strongly about this that we created a specfic Year-over-Year (YoY) feature that display data across all of the BI interface widgets.

To activate this feature simply click on the "Year over Year" toggle at the top of the BI interface next to the Date Picker. You'll notice all the widgets (metrics panels, graph, data table) across the Dashboard update with comparison data from the same period of the previous year, as well as the timeline graph providing you "YoY growth %" percentage line. Once you have activated "YoY mode" you can also click on "Show Full Year" on the graph to your date range over the entire year.

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software

Contribution to Growth
Once you've activated YoY or a comparison period you'll several "CTG" columns appear in the data table. CTG stands for Contribution to Growth and is the contribution to growth of a specific value of a group relative to the other values in the group for Year to Date versus the Year to Date of the previous year. To learn more about CTG inside the BI Dashboard visit our Help Center article.

๐Ÿ““ Catalog History

The Catalog is the beating heart your Listing Quality Index (LQI) scoring system. Seelk Studio tracks your ASINs and gathers all your product page data based on three major scores: Content, Offer and Reviews. The amount of data, of course, depends on the tracking frequency (daily, weekly or monthly basis) you have set per ASIN - however this ultimately (and fortunately!) means that we have an archive of your scores across time, no matter the frequency.

Catalog History is Seelk Studio's first step towards giving proper analytical data regarding your historical LQI scoring data.

If you want to jump right in, then please visit the Catalog.

How does Catalog History work?

When inside Catalog > Overview and select the "Scores" tab you will notice a dropdown selector at the top right of the data table that says "Since: Latest". If you click on it you'll be given choices for the Last 7 days, Last 30 days and Last 90 days. If you select Last 7 days for example you'll notice the score changes and a "+/-" column appears. The score now represents the average scores over the last 7 days as well as the difference between your average score of the 7 days prior to the seven days.

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software

When you select the "Detailed" tab you will notice the two columns for each of the five percentage ranges (0-20%, 20-40%, 40-60% and 80-100%). The fully colored column represents the period in question, so in this case the "Last 7 Days" and the striped column represents the 7 days prior to the last 7 days. Youโ€™re now able to compare the average score of your product pages in the past against the previous period.

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software

A little tricky? Well that's fully intended. Our Brand Content Team at Seelk have found that comparing the score of a single day versus the score of a another single day in the past to be highly misleading. In order to understand the real difference and change over time we need to know average score for the period in quesiton and compare with an average of the previous period.

To learn more about how Catalog History works please visit our Help Center article decided to Catalog History.

๐Ÿ† Share of Voice Timeline

Knowing and understanding your competitors is essential to understanding your Amazon business. Seelk Studio's Competitor app gives you the power to track your Share of Voice (SOV) against the competition across keyword search terms of your choosing.

We currently have two main visualisation for showing your SOV. Firstly a donut chart for showing your SOV percentage vs. Competitors and the new "SOV timeline" we have just released.

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software

Do you want to jump right into Competition? Please check out the new Share of Voice timeline.

You can visusalise the SOV timeline by Days, Weeks or Months and change the date range you are analysing using the date picker.

Did you notice the new font? It is Rubik

We decided to give a little update to Seelk Studio's typography. We have made the change to Google's Rubik font. The font for us reflects a push in our company wide branding as well as being slightly more flexible with font weights than our previous font Lato. ย 

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software
We changed Seelk Studio's font to Rubik ๐Ÿฅณ

Interested in Seelk Studio or need some troubleshooting?

If you aren't already using Seelk Studio and want to give it a try or simply need to help understanding a new feature, please do not hesitate to setup a time with our Customer Success team to organise a live demo session.

Already a Seelk Studio user? Give us your feedback!

We are always aiming to improve Seelk Studio, so the more feedback the better! If you have any trouble, experiencing a bug or simple want to request a feature, please take a moment to fill out the Seelk Studio Feedback Form.

November 2019 Updates to Seelk Studio: New Business Intelligence Dashboard, Catalog History, Share of Voice Timeline

Nathaniel Daudrich

Product Designer at Seelk

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