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March 2019 Seelk Studio Updates: Advertising Budget Tracker, exciting new features & a new algorithm for Catalog scores

Seelk Studio is an e-commerce SaaS dedicated to Amazon. Currently in development, our beta-release is limited to internal use.
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It’s been a while! However, we’ve released some significant updates since our last update, as we move closer to our beta release for the end of March 2019.

Here are some of the major updates:

  • Performance improvements to both the Business Intelligence and Catalog apps — this includes load-time, filtering and data changes.
  • We’ve made algorithmic updates to the Catalog scoring system. For more information on there, see our help center article on ‘Catalog Scoring’.
  • In the Marketing app, we’re replaced the country selector with a dynamic budget tracker — which we can view either Month to Date, Quarter to Date or Year to Date. The tracker takes your overall spends, the period selected and your defined budget to provide a progress bar that ensures you are neither underspending or overspending on your marketing campaigns. The elapsed period is show as a percentage (demonstrated by the dotted line across the progress bar), with the aim being that your spending is as close to the bar as possible to ensure stability. You can also track your spends by “Brands” using the same progress bar.
Advertising Budget Tracker

Business Intelligence now has a section called “Reports”. You can now see if any weekly reports are missing for Shipped COGS (both sourcing & manufacturing) and Inventory Health.

We renamed the “Keywords” app to “Competition” — this is in an effort to move towards distinguishing between Share of Voice/Page Ranking competition AND Category competition.

In the Catalog app, Price History + Buy Box Ownership are now available in the Detailed Product view

New Reports Tab

We’re now providing full tech support in the form of a live chat support, help center documentation and a feedback form.

Now you can access Chat Support, Help Center and send us any Feedback

Here is the latest breakdown of recently implemented features and bugs fixes:

📖 Catalog

🚀 New features & enhancements

  • Price history & Buy Box Ownership are now available in the Catalog when clicking on a product and clicking the “time” icon in top section of the detailed product view.
  • The Detailed Product View now provides additional information for: “Buy Box Owner” (+ who owns it), “In Stock” and “Sales Rank”.
  • You are now able to Archive a product directly from the Detail Product View

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • You can now see the Buy Box Owner for ASINs in Seller.

📊 Business Intelligence

🚀 New features & enhancements

Date Picker

We’ve improved the date picker to limit the selection of the start and end dates based on whether you’ve “Split by” months, weeks or days. For example, if you have selected “Split by: Months”, you can only select the first and last day of a

Improved Date Picker

Split by “days” is now available in “Vendor”.

  • In “Seller” mode, the total price now includes Sales + Shipping costs — instead of just Sales.
  • In “Seller” mode, Shipping Price has been renamed to Shipping Costs
  • In “Seller” mode, you can now filter by: marketplace, fulfillment channel
  • In “Vendor” mode, we changed the name of “Sell-Out Sales” to PCoGS (i.e. Net Sales or Product Cost of Goods Sold).
  • Variations (size/color/style) are now suffixes to product titles when viewing at the ASIN level

👁 Competition

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Suggested Keywords uses only active ASINs

⚙️ Settings

New features & enhancements

Catalog Management

You are now able to quickly add ASINs, set tracking frequency, archive and activate ASINs (make viewable in your Catalog), all from within Settings > Management > Products

Catalog/Product Management
Improved adding Products user interface

ASIN “processing” after adding

When adding ASINs via Settings > Management > Products, you’re now able to see that they are in “Processing” mode —this means the ASINs you’ve just added start being tracked within 24 hours and thereafter appear in your Catalog.

Keyword Management

You are now able to easily add keywords (either via suggestions, quick add or uploading an Excel) and edit their scraping frequency.

Keyword management
Add Keywords interface

💪 Upcoming Features (Work in progress!)

  • User permissions & roles + easy user creation
  • “Competition” app update to include Page Ranking and Category
  • Catalog data history
  • Logistics App v0
  • Alerts & Notifications v0

March 2019 Seelk Studio Updates: Advertising Budget Tracker, exciting new features & a new algorithm for Catalog scores

Nathaniel Daudrich

Product Designer at Seelk

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