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January 2019 Seelk Studio Updates: Introducing 'Share of Voice' + Improved Business Intelligence features

Seelk Studio is an e-commerce SaaS dedicated to Amazon. Currently in development, our beta-release is limited to internal use.
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We’ve released a few major updates to Seelk Studio in our push for a beta release in March 2019.

We’ve added three major features:

  1. Business Intelligence v1.1
  2. Share of Voice (Keywords)
  3. Catalog Management

Two of our flagship apps, Catalog and Business Intelligence, have had significant overhauls in term of data management, functionality and user experience. Best news of all, is that Business Intelligence now properly manages both Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor accounts.

Here is the latest breakdown of recently implemented features and bugs fixes:

Global cross-app

New features, enhancements and changes

  • Filters bar had small UI enhancements — no added functionality or drastic changes
  • Date Ranges redesigned to include a more user-friendly and powerful ‘Comparison mode’ (see screenshot in Business Intelligence below) and revert mode
  • In Catalog > Overview — Name for ‘Amount’ changed to ‘Products’


New features and enhancements

  • Seelk Studio now takes into an unlimited number of bullet points on Product pages as compared to the previous 5 bullet points limit.

Business Intelligence

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes incorrect “averages” were being displayed for Sales KPIs due to an incorrect calculation of week contained within the specified time period in the date picker.
  • Grouping and filtering of all available dimensions (ex. countries, custom attributes, etc.) now fully functional.

New features and enhancements

  1. Vendor & Seller — Analysis

We’ve updated the interface for the Analysis view to allow users to compare individual metrics between two different time periods by using the Compare VS

New comparison mode

2. Vendor & Seller — Analysis — Date ranges and Contribution to Growth (CTG)

Metrics for the compared date ranges specified in the date range picker are now displayed in the table, along with the CTG for each of the individual items within the selected grouping and % difference between the two selected periods.

% Difference & Contribution to Growth (CTG)

3. Vendor & Seller — Column Selector in table

Users now have the ability to select which columns they want to display or not in the metrics table.

Columns selector

4. Vendor & Seller — YoY View

Users now have the ability to see the data Year over Year (Last Year VS Current Year) and to see to the Growth Percentage.

Share of Voice (Keywords)

New features & enhancements

Seelk Studio now has a beta version of Share of Voice for both Organic Keywords (i.e. SEO-level) and Paid Advertising Keywords (i.e. Amazon Marketing). The interface includes the following functionality:

  • Understand your performance against your competitors on specific keywords — both organic and paid (Amazon sponsored brands and Amazon sponsored products)
Your Share of Voice performance against your top competitors

Score the percentage of your Organic and Paid visibility across all your keywords against your competitors

Organic/Paid Visibility

Product Management (v1) [new!]

We have created a simple interface for product management — the main functionality is:

  • Add products and see that they are being processed (i.e. information is being fetched from Amazon)
Add Products view
Products are being processed

Archive products so that they no longer appear in the Catalog and change the tracking frequency

Products are being archived

Upcoming features & enhancements

Global User Interface

  • We’ve begun to add a toolbar on the right side of every part of the the Studio in an effort to maximise user functionality without over-crowding the view with buttons, dropdowns and other space consuming interface components.
  • Unified UI styling elements (Headers, dropdowns, modals, inputs, buttons, etc.) and beta version of theme

Upcoming Features (Work in Progress!)

  • Improved Catalog Management with the ability to permanently delete products
  • Redesign of Custom Attributes onboarding flow
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Custom attributes for Marketing campaigns
  • Toolbar across all views in the Studio
  • Streamlined interface for onboarding Amazon Sellers
  • Improved User Settings

January 2019 Seelk Studio Updates: Introducing 'Share of Voice'  + Improved Business Intelligence features

Nathaniel Daudrich

Product Designer at Seelk

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