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December 2019 Seelk Studio Feature Highlights: Business Intelligence Custom Exports & Custom Charts + a few updates!

For this festive month we wanted to highlight two special features included in the new Business Intellingence Dashboard:

  • Custom Exports
  • Custom Chart Builder

We consider them 'power-user' features, however, even for the most basic purposes, users can can get the data export or data visualisation they need in just a few clicks.

Let's dive in!

๐Ÿ“‚ Custom Exports

To use Custom Exports, look for the "Download" icon in the Toolbar on the right side of the Business Intelligence Dashboard. Hover and click and it will launch a modal which allows you to build the Custom Export.

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software

Inside the Create Custom Exports modal you simply choose all the elements you need to build data export for your Sales analysis:

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software
  • Date range
  • Grouping
  • Filters (ASIN
  • Multiple Metrics

Once you're done (and don't forget to give it a filename ๐Ÿ˜‰) click Export all data and an Excel file will download automatically.

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software
Exmample of a data export from the Custom Export builder

You will notice in the exported Excel there are two tabs for each of the selected metrics. The first being "Raw {metric_name_here}" and the other simply "{metric_name_here}". For example, if you selected 2 metrics, there would be four tabs overall (as seen above).

The raw data tab provides an output of all the sales data for each of the individual products (ASINs) based on the chosen metrics. The metric tab has a single column for the metric in question with overall figures for the elements in that group (if you selected "Country" as your grouping then you will have for, for example, Germany and France).

Read this Seelk Studio Help Center article to learn more about Custom Exports.

๐Ÿ“Š Custom Chart Builder

The Custom Chart Builder is intended a quick and easy way for you to create a simple data visualisation of multiple metrics over time.

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software
Custom Chart Builder inside Seelk Studio Business Intelligence Dashboard

Users can select multiple sales metrics which they plot on a graph as either lines or bars according to the date range of their choosing.

Read this Seelk Studio Help Center article to learn more about the Custom Chart Builder.

๐Ÿ“ˆ Business Intelligence Updates

Performance Improvements

Since the release of the new Business Intelligence Dashboard last month, we've received a lot of feedback - good and bad ๐Ÿค”.

Truth be told, some of our bigger Vendor and Seller accounts were experiencing performance issues, especially when loading sales data at the individual Product-level (ASIN). We take performance issues very seriously and after a putting the problem to our development team, we managed to find the best UX vs. performance compromise to solve the issue (explained below).

The good news is that if you have a Vendor or Seller with several 10,000s of orders over the year, you see a 25% increase in loadtime.

Vendor data - only in weeks and months

Leonardo Da Vinci said "Everything connects to everything else". The big problem with Vendor data is that we were managing and presenting data at the daily level. This can be feasible for Sell-Out metrics, however, when it comes to Sell-In it doesn't really make much sense as orders are rarely done for a particular Product more than once per week. With this obvious constraint in mind, and in a effort to increase data loading and aggregation performances, we decided to provide users with data at only weekly and monthly levels.

This has had great effects on the performance (as stated above), but we needed to make some compromises on the UX.

In the main Business Intelligence Dashboard, you are therefore no longer able to switch between Days, Weeks and Months. This is now controlled by the date picker.

If you wish to view weekly data, simply click on the date picker and select in weeks using the Weeks tab or if you want to see monthly data, choose the Month tab simply select month range of your choosing.

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software

๐Ÿ†Competition Updates

We made some user interface changes to the Competition add added a data table for your competitors.


We moved the timescale switcher to the top right. You can now click on Days, Weeks or Months using the tab at the top right.

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software
New tab to be able to switch between Days, Weeks and Months

Pie Chart & Data Table

When looking at your Share of Voice (SOV) vs. your Competitors you can now use the tab at the top right to switch between pie chart and data table views. The pie chart gives you a quick data visual representation of your SOV vs. the competition while the data table enables you see and sort your Competitors accordingly.

Seelk Studio - Amazon Retail Media Analytics Software
You now have Pie Chart and Data Table views for your Competitors

Interested in Seelk Studio or need some troubleshooting?

If you aren't already using Seelk Studio and want to give it a try or simply need to help understanding a new feature, please do not hesitate to setup a time with our Customer Success team to organise a live demo session.

Already a Seelk Studio user? Give us your feedback!

We are always aiming to improve Seelk Studio, so the more feedback the better! If you have any trouble, experiencing a bug or simple want to request a feature, please take a moment to fill out the Seelk Studio Feedback Form.

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