Why are we here?

We believe that brands who will win on Marketplaces will be the one mastering the game. For most brands, boosting online sales is one of the few growth opportunities ahead. Everybody now knows online sales won’t likely come only from “mybrand.com” but also from the leading marketplaces. So most global brands have started scratching their head as to how they will win on marketplaces : how to build the needed tech ? how to learn the tricks of the trade ? We know this requires serious resources and are convinced that mutualizing resources across brands will offer a better payout than trying to win all alone. That’s why we founded Seelk.


We are obsessed with developing sales on the leading marketplaces in Europe for our clients.

We perform all actions required to get there, from hiring the best from all the leading marketplaces, to building innovative technology and help power brands’ sales.

In any case, we behave as if we were our client’s in-house e-commerce team.


A team we’re proud of, mixing several Amazon and e-commerce alumni, put on steroids by a team of awesome geeks and supported by brand and digital veterans.

A technology we’re proud of : we have developed multiple connectors and micro-services to maximize the deployment of our clients on Marketplaces across Europe.

A roster of client brands we’re honored with and for whom we’ve been building a double-digit month-over month sales growth.