Business Outlook

Over the past twenty years, Amazon has become one of the world's major retailers. It now represents more than 50% of e-commerce market in the USA and loan of 10% of all Retail. Gradually, Amazon has built an ecosystem that integrates various online and offline distribution models, as well as major advertising products, advanced logistics services, leading IT infrastructures and multimedia content services. Now present in more than 12 countries worldwide, Amazon continues to expand its presence from South America to the Middle East and Asia. Amazon has turned the distribution model on its head and brands from around the world are facing a seismic strategic shift. In order to reach new customers, they must now rethink their business models, their processes and even their way of thinking.

Amazon in the numbers







Seelk is the partner we needed to face the profound changes Amazon created for our Business. Their understanding of Amazon and their capacity to adapt it to our internal challenges was key to bring all our organisation forward

- Laurent Houel, General Manager @ Jools Inc.

Our clients outperform
Amazon’s Average annual growth rate


Seelk’s Story

Seelk was born from a meeting of like minds: an ex-Amazon manager and computer science engineer, brought together with the help and support of other digital entrepreneurs. In January 2016, Raphael Guedj Pignol, who was then in charge of developing strategic distributors for Amazon in Europe, met Charles and Frédéric (P&G, AOL, FullSix Group,...). Their common observation: the landscape of e-commerce had shifted and was now focused on a handful of platforms that had become Marketplaces. Brands and manufacturers are thus able to connect directly to consumers around the world, totally disrupting the way people do business. To embrace this new era of commerce, brands need seasoned experts who know these platforms back to front, and the right tools to allow them to understand their brand's performance in real time. A few months later, after meeting Benjamin, then CTO of an e-commerce application and an advisors to several Startups - Seelk was born, with the mission of providing brands with specialised strategies and technology dedicated to Amazon.


What is it like to work at Seelk?

Joining Seelk means first and foremost wanting to become an expert in Amazon, the extraordinary ecosystem that shapes new forms of commerce. It also means to be willing to innovate in order for our customers to perform to their highest abilities in a fast-changing environment. Joining Seelk means above all joining a close-knit, caring and positive team that innovates and raises the bar every day. It means joining a demanding team that gives itself the means to achieve its ambitions: to become the leading Amazon agency in Europe by 2020. So if you want to come and get the stars with us, apply now!

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What we’re looking for

  • Positive team player
  • Passionate people, willing to learn hard and push the limits
  • Solid analytical mindset
  • Strong verbal, written, quantitative presentation skills
  • Fluency in English

Team Spirit

team spirit

We are a team

At Seelk, we have empathy and care for one another. We never leave anyone behind: we win together and lose together. We believe teamwork is the key to achieving extraordinary things. And when we win, we all celebrate.

Client Obsession

client obsession

We put the satisfaction of our clients as our top priority

Our clients are the reason behind everything we do. We are deeply proud and grateful of the trust they have granted us. This is why we strive every day to deliver in timely fashion with the highest possible standards.



We constantly innovate and raise the bar

We are not just another service company. We believe that innovation is the cornerstone of our success. We are pragmatic and strive to solve problems in the most logical and efficient way possible. We reject the status-quo and are passionate about driving the change

Bias for action


We start small, think big and act fast.

Speed matters in business. We always act with a sense of urgency and do brilliant things together. We test and learn every day, and prefer action to stasis.

Our Values



We think and act as owners

We think long term and on behalf of the whole company. We never say “it’s not my job”. We believe in ourselves and feel empowered by our responsibilities.

Learn and Share

learn & share

We love to learn and share

The constant pursuit of improvement is why we get out of bed in the morning. We aim to be the best at something and are enthusiast to share our learning. Cross-knowledge and constant feedbacks are things we praise and make us better.

Entrepreneurial spirit


We embrace the adventure

We recognize that success is not a straight line. Where many see uncertainty and chaos as reasons to give up, we see instead opportunities to invent and learn. We face all the challenges on the bright side; this positive-minded approach and determination make us unstoppable.



We work hard and exceed expectations

Nothing worthwhile comes easy. We set aggressive goals and drive ourselves to overachieve them, and value individuals who demonstrate perseverance and excellence.

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