Our Mission

Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide brands with the required tools and services to maximize their sales on Amazon.

our core values

Our Core Values

As Seelk grows we use our 8 core values to help
guide our staff to help achieve our mission.

Team Spirit

team spirit

We are a team

At Seelk, we have empathy and care for one another. We never leave anyone behind: we win together and lose together. We believe teamwork is the key to achieving extraordinary things. And when we win, we all celebrate.

Client Obsession

client obsession

We put the satisfaction of our clients as our top priority

Our clients are the reason behind everything we do. We are deeply proud and grateful of the trust they have granted us. This is why we strive every day to deliver in timely fashion with the highest possible standards.



We constantly innovate and raise the bar

We are not just another service company. We believe that innovation is the cornerstone of our success. We are pragmatic and strive to solve problems in the most logical and efficient way possible. We reject the status-quo and are passionate about driving the change

Entrepreneurial spirit


We start small, think big, and act fast.

Speed matters in business. We always act with a sense of urgency and do brilliant things together. We test and learn every day, and prefer action to stasis.



We think and act as owners

We think long term and on behalf of the whole company. We never say “it’s not my job”. We believe in ourselves and feel empowered by our responsibilities.

Learn and Share

learn & share

We love to learn and share

The constant pursuit of improvement is why we get out of bed in the morning. We aim to be the best at something and are enthusiast to share our learning. Cross-knowledge and constant feedbacks are things we praise and make us better.



We embrace the adventure

We recognize that success is not a straight line. Where many see uncertainty and chaos as reasons to give up, we see instead opportunities to invent and learn. We face all the challenges on the bright side; this positive-minded approach and determination make us unstoppable.



We work hard and exceed expectations

Nothing worthwhile comes easy. We set aggressive goals and drive ourselves to overachieve them, and value individuals who demonstrate perseverance and excellence.

At Seelk, we promote diversity, youth and the potential for growth.
Seelk was founded in 2016


23 is powered by 23 Seelkers


There are 50% female at Seelk


The average age is 29



Raphael Guedj-Pignol, Seelk's co-founder and CEO
Raphaël Guedj-Pignol
Co-Founder & CEO

With his expertise of the world of marketplaces (Founder of GrosPanda.com, Key Account Manager & Category Product Manager at Amazon), Raphael Guedj Pignol successfully launched Seelk in 2016. Beside of that working life, Raphael is in love with Thailand and will never say no to a blanquette and a good bottle of Cote du Rhône in the sun on Sundays.

Benjamin Pipat, Seelk's co-founder and CTO
Benjamin Pipat
Co-Founder & CTO

An avid tech enthusiast, Benjamin was formally the CTO of Vinify, and before founding Seelk he worked as a consultant for CVA, Spicesoft and DataForGood. He is a graduate of l'Ecole Polytechnique and the London School of Economics and served as a officer in the French Navy. He loves data almost as much as surfing and wine.

Jérôme Homer, CMO
Jérôme Homer
Head of Business Development

After having helped majors brands & retailer in France and in the UK implement customer centric strategies based on data, Jerome joined Seelk in 2017 to head the Brand Management team. He's a graduate of the Ecole National Supérieure Agronomique de Toulouse. When he's not pushing the team to surprise and delight our customers, you'll find him either cycling, playing golf or painting!


Diane Bourjaillat, Brand Manager
Diane Bourjaillat
Brand Manager

Mum of two little girls with big curls, Diane combines family life and account management across Europe and all over the world. Despite being so busy, she still manages to do yoga every week! Driven by her maternal sense and her desire to change the world, she joined Seelk after co-founding a startup that aimed to dress little boys and girls.

Jessica Dent, growth-hacker
Jessica Dent
Growth Hacker

Jessica is a unique teammate, full of energy, always smiling and ready to help and boost others. She's a growth hacker and marketing campaigns Guru and is capable of getting ANYTHING sold with a whirlwind of keywords. Gif and hashtag addict, heels clicking, smile plastered, efficiency on fleek, here she comes. Oh and...she's chatty...

Maxime de Beauchesne, Brand Manager
Maxime de Beauchesne
Brand Manager

After doing his Masters at ISG in Entrepreneurship (yes - it actually exists!) with a focus on e-commerce, Maxime cut his teeth at Seelk in January 2017 where he is now a full-fledge Brand Manager.

Laure-Anais Saint Louis, Assistant Brand Manager
Laure-Anais Saint Louis
Assistant Brand Manager

ABM par excellence, LA is a Seelk's chief Baker and burgeoning Marketing Operations Manager (MOM).

Constant Jantet, Assistant Brand Manager
Constant Jantet
Assistant Brand Manager

Around Seelk he's known as 'Postman Pat' - busy mailing nail polish - playing the MFN Cat. When he's not selling wares, he's travelling the world: in search of adventures, insight but mainly girls.

Iseult Rivayrand, Assistant Brand Manager
Iseult Rivayrand
Assistant Brand Manager

Iseult, aka Zizou, is Seelk's latest recruit. After finishing her degree at EDHEC, she had her first "geek-fest" at Ubisoft before joining Seelk in June 2018. Smiley, great to work with, she is always ready to give a presentation to at team meetings without a moment's notice.

Lucas Savaldori, Assistant Brand Manager
Lucas Savaldori
Assistant Brand Manager

Lucas is a brillant associate brand manager. Meeting his goals on time, nothing disturbs him from work except when soccer is on TV.


Philip Garnero, Senior Full-Stack Developer
Philip Garnero
Senior Full-Stack Developer

Philip is to Seelk what George Michael is to Wham. Lead Developer and official provider of breakfast on fridays - he leads an incredible team of developers and ensures the Seelk Studio's successful roadmap in collaboration with the Product Manager and the CTO.

Alex Ronse, full-stack developer
Alex Ronse
Full-Stack Developer

Product oriented and entrepreneurial at heart engineer. With a strong interest for open source, design and startups.

Olivier Sturbois, Full-stack developer
Olivier Sturbois
Full-Stack Developer

Olivier mainly drinks but also fixes things when he finds time.

Arthur Coruble, Junior Developer
Arthur Coruble
Junior Developer

Arthur, aka Baby, is a junior backend developer and an inspiring entrepreneur. We could call him "DIY Artie", but the last time he fixed the kitchen sink, we had to change offices.

Nathaniel Daudrich, UI/UX Designer
Nathaniel Daudrich
UI/UX Designer

Once an inspiring ethnographer (think Tintin), Nat has been working in filmmaking and web-development for 10 years. Before joining Seelk, he was UI/UX designer at Pidge, an Oxford-based startup developing a sports team app and ran Kinisi.Media, a Geneva-based multimedia production house.

Boris Laporte, Junior Developer
Boris Laporte
Junior Developer

Boris, aka, BoBo talks about two things: the Smirnoff API and Python.

Jérémy Philippe, Junior Developer
Jérémy Philippe
Junior Developer

When Jeremy isn't coding, he's listening to strange folk-rock-hip-hop-jazz-fusion music.

Thomas Berdy, Junior Developer
Thomas Berdy
Junior Developer

If he was on the wrong side of the law Thomas would be a hacker. Despite being a font of knowledge in all that is tech, he often has problems with his laptop - probably because he's hacked it as well.

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